AWANA Registration & Release Form

Registration fees are $20 per child (no more than $50 for a family of three or more). This helps cover the cost of books, awards, & special events. Uniforms are extra and not included in the registration fees. Uniforms range in cost from $12 (Puggles, Cubbies & Sparks) to $17 (T&T).

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Authorization for Release:

Please list any additional people who are authorized to pick up your child besides parents and the emergency contact.

Please list anyone your child should NOT be released to. 

Health Info:

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Medical Release:

In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical attention, I authorize Central Baptist Church or person in charge to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child.

Release of Liability

I hereby unconditionally release, waive and discharge my right, whether by contract or under operation of law to file cause of action(s) or claim(s) which I may have against Central Baptist Church now or in the future. I hereby assume any and all risk of loss, liability, damage or costs, including bodily injury or property damage that may incur arising out or in connection to my acts and/or omissions. I fully understand the terms set forth in this form, and I hereby waive my rights freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance, or guarantee being made to me to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Photography/Video Release:

I hereby (select below) GIVE / DO NOT GIVE Central Baptist Church permission to take photographs/video of my child or photographs/video in which my child may be involved with others for the purpose of promoting Awana. I understand that these photographs may be used on the church website, social media pages or in publications produced by Central